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Illinois EPA Compliance Reporting

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

When the release of petroleum products is confirmed from a UST, emergency response and early action measures are required by law, and the results are reported to the Illinois EPA, Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Section.

It is necessary to perform a subsurface investigation to determine the extent of soil and groundwater impacts related to the LUST. From this point, various options exist to address the contamination and BEI determines the most cost-effective and timely approach to site closure.

A No Further Remediation Letter (NFR Letter) from the Illinois EPA is the best way to demonstrate that all of the environmental concerns at a parcel of commercial real estate have been adequately assessed and mitigated.

LUST Reimbursement

Depending on the nature of the LUSTs, the property may be eligible for reimbursement for corrective action costs through the State of Illinois' LUST fund. Similar to an insurance policy, the LUST fund offers financial assistance to certain owners/operators, based on a deductible.

BEI works to complete the necessary corrective action while minimizing the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the owner/operator.

Site Remediation Program

Although sites enrolled in the LUST program are related specifically to the release of petroleum products from a UST(s), properties are frequently impacted by contaminants other than petroleum products or USTs (e.g. metal plating facilities, machine shops, tool & dye fabrication facilities, etc.).

To address sites that are contaminated from a source other than petroleum product stored in a UST, the Illinois EPA offers the Site Remediation Program (SRP).

The SRP is a voluntary program that allows sites contaminated from a source other than petroleum containing USTs to be assessed, remediated, and formally closed through the Illinois EPA.

Site closure through the SRP is very important for property owners who choose to protect themselves from environmental liability associated with impacted property.

Because lending institutions sometimes lien properties due to delinquent mortgage payments, they often require the procurement of a No Further Remediation Letter to protect themselves from any liability if they acquire the property.

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